About Orin


Orin Dean – named in honor of my husband’s maternal grandfather and sharing Korey’s middle name as well as his father’s – is hands down the sweetest and most sensitive of all my children.


He was born via c-section (after his twin sister’s sac ruptured) on May 2nd, 2015 weighing 5 lbs 8 oz and six weeks early!


He spent only two weeks in NICU before he got to come home. He was such a little trooper throughout the entire experience. Little did I know that once he came he would be my fussiest baby too… 😉


But now he is nothing but a mega- sweetheart! Orin absolutely adores his sisters and isn’t truly happy unless one of them is paying attention to him. His favorite things are wrestling with Izzy, snuggling with Zelda, and trying to put things into other things – even if they don’t fit. 😉


Orin is such a wonderful little soul, I’m so excited to see the man he grows into.


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