About Twila


Oh boy – it’s not that easy to find a picture of me that didn’t come from a forward facing cell phone camera! But that’s what happens when you’re the resident photographer and your husband has no interest. 😉


I think my WordPress profile says something about me being a “jack of all creative trades” – and that’s basically true. I’m a photographer and a writer, I can knit and crochet and cross stitch, I love interior design and painting rooms, and I’m slowly learning to cook. But mostly you can find me under a pile of kids.


I have a degree in Professional Communications and I worked in market research before having children. But I always knew when I got pregnant that I wanted to spend the first few years of my children’s lives at home with them if at all possible. And luckily for me, it has been! And I have spent the past three and a half years at home now. Sometimes it seems really unbelievable (and sometimes it seems really overwhelming!!) that this gets to be my life every day.


In general I’m a pretty ambitious person and I’ve tried blogging before, with limited success. So I’m going to keep it simple this time around. My goal with this blog is just to catalog our lives. The recipes I’ve found, the pictures I’ve taken, the trips we go on, and the memories we make.


(There will be pictures of cute babies, anyway! ;-))


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