Izzy’s Soccer Season Finale


Basically since Izzy was conceived I’ve wanted to put her in a soccer program. I can’t really explain it either – I didn’t play soccer in my youth and I don’t really understand the game either. Maybe I’m just one of those parents who wants to live vicariously through their children.


I would never make her do something she didn’t want to do – but it did seem a little bit like fate that she was so obsessed with balls as a baby. šŸ˜‰

As we’re already members of the YMCA, we decided to enroll her in their fall soccer season and it was great! Given that she’s only three we didn’t have high expectations but I really only wanted three things:

1. For her to get used to taking directions from someone other than me,

2. For her to get exercise and our undivided attention with an activity since she has to share so heavily with the twins, and

3. For her to have fun, of course!


All of my hopes for this season were fulfilled! So I’m a happy momma. She definitely takes after me though and is kind of oblivious when it comes to where the ball is on the field. šŸ˜‰ And mostly she wanted to play with the other girls rather than run into them and steal the ball, but that’s okay. She spent the whole hour on the field and ran in the general direction of the ball, which is about all I could really expect from someone with my genes. =P


Today was our last soccer game. I’m thinking about signing her up for swim lessons this winter, but come spring if there’s another soccer season, I hope she wants to do it again! =)


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