Finally – a playroom!


I posted about half a million years ago about having a big room I wanted to turn into a playroom but not having the time or ability to finish it. Well, the first weekend I felt really really good after starting antidepressants, I changed that.


Historically Korey hasn’t always been on board with my remodel and furnishing ideas. Although I have a really good idea of what I want, he isn’t good with change and has a difficult time envisioning what I describe. But that’s why it’s my job and not his. 😉 However when he finally got on board with this project his support really helped make my vision a reality. Now he says it’s the best thing we’ve ever done.


I got my Lego table in there as well as the Ikea shelves that I wanted — which, by the way, are AMAZING. I takes me easily ten minutes or less to clean up this room now, even when it’s in a full state of toddler disaster. 😊 And although I didn’t get the couch I originally envisioned, Korey took me to Ashley and we got some awesome couches anyway that are super comfy and with enough space for everyone.


Best of all, of course, is that the kids love it! And it makes me feel like I could finally entertain at my house (if I had anyone to entertain — ha! 😉) I also feel super motivated to finish up other projects around the house as my vision for this place finally starts coming together after five years…!



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