Porch Plants


So let me just say, I’ve tried container gardening before and lost interest and motivation quickly. Mostly because I just had more stuff going on in my life at the time than I could handle. Plus my tomato plants got destroyed by these awful insidious horned worms?! Anyway… I had literally no plans to ever try it again. Until my friend Jessica at Happiness Beyond Riches visited and pointed out how much sun we get on the back porch. That combined with the fact that I have a lot of expensive pots from the front yard that I’ve removed to landscape, I decided what the hell!


Growing up my father always had a garden. He’s like the patron saint of plants I swear. He can grow anything, anywhere, and bigger than anyone else has ever seen. It’s ridiculous. Also ridiculously discouraging when you tend to just kill stuff. šŸ˜‚ BUT I always grew up with the idea that you could grow your own food and I understood inherently how and I think it’s a very important thing to teach our children as we get further and further removed from the earth.

So long story short I let Izzy help me pick out some seeds and some seedlings and we got to work planting them.


And I am happy to report I’m doing so much better this time! I don’t know if it’s what we picked to plant or where we live but omg. There are only two weeks between pictures of that cherry tomato plant (that I’ve named Enid šŸ˜‰) and it’s already taller than Izzy! She is so excited to see them growing. Every morning we look through the window and she says “look mom! It’s growing!!” šŸ˜


Even my seeds are doing really well?! I’ve never successfully grown anything from a seed. But I’ve got basil started there on the right and parsley in the back. I’m seriously beyond excited. The other plants pictured were started from seedlings and are a sweet pepper in front and a spearmint plant behind it (for tea and mojitos. šŸ˜›)

Honestly I’m so thrilled with these herbs I am probably going to go make some dollar store containers and plant a bunch more. I know Izzy will just as pumped as me to plant some more. And that makes me even happier than the plants themselves. šŸ˜Š


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