I mentioned in my last post that I wanted to run a 5k again. Believe it or not, I have run one before! The year Izzy was born, I “ran” a Thanksgiving 5k with a pretty acceptable time of 45:22 minutes. Given I’d never even gotten past week two of the C25K program and I wasn’t really prepared for it at all, I was pretty thrilled about this time.


It’s always been a distant desire of mine to train and better but I really didn’t have the motivation until my sister sent me a fitbit. It was pretty horrifying to me how sedentary I was. Frankly I was lucky to break 3000 steps a day. For someone who was belted in Krav Maga and suffers from health issues that are negatively impacted by a sedentary lifestyle, I figured I should probably pull that desire out of the distance and onto the front burner.


I had started practicing on the treadmill for about a month before starting the program. I’ve never been incredibly confident on them but it’s much easier for me to drop the kiddos off at the YMCA play center that they love and hit the treadmill than it is for me to run outside. But I’ve grown to actually enjoy the treadmill and the stats it spits out at the end and have even made it to week three of the program. Yay! 😉

So this post is mostly an accountability post for me. Hopefully in a few weeks I’ll be able to report back that I’ve stuck with it and am nearing completion. I know that treadmill running is very different than running outside, but I still hope to complete a 5k or two by the end of the year!


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