Recipes to Remember: Cherry Kuchen Bars


This one is long over due! These cherry kuchen bars — otherwise known as “cherry cake” by Izzy — are so easy and delicious they instantly became a family hit.

Originally I saw this recipe linked at the bottom of her recipe for fried rice, which I’ve talked about before, and thought dang, that looks wonderful but I bet it’s a pain to make! Well when I clicked on the directions it seemed pretty simple so I gave it a shot and I’m so glad I did.

I brought this to several events over the holidays and it was praised by everyone who tried it. Izzy perhaps gave me the best praise by walking around to everyone announcing “MY mommy made this!” 😊 Definitely knows how to make me feel good. Even the extremely picky Korey enjoyed it! So if you’re looking for a good, easy dessert, especially for a party because it can make so much, I totally recommend this.


Also, it’s delicious with vanilla ice cream, so you know it can’t be wrong in my book. 😉