Recipes to Remember: Chicken Fried Rice


This past week has been… not so good.

We’ve all been hit with some kind of stomach flu. It sucks. I’m a big baby about being sick and I only get grouchier as the days tick by. I tend to be a pretty active person (haha – or I try to be, anyway) and we get out of the house a lot, so being confined inside and unable to do anything substantial really wears on me. I have even really cooked aside from making a big dish of mild mac n cheese that we’ve been eating over the past few days.

But I’m a little sick of plain pasta so I moved on to the next best thing: fried rice.


Now, I love fried rice and I’m pretty sure I’ve made this recipe from Rachel Schultz before but I lost it and have made several other less satisfying and more difficult versions in the proceeding months. Well – never again. This one is perfect and its the only way I’ll make it from now on.

Two things I like about it: first, if you don’t already have chicken on hand, just fry a little up and remove from the pan before you do the veggies and eggs and second, if you don’t have day old rice on hand you can cook it fresh for this recipe.

Oh man it totally hit the spot – even if I did have to eat a very small portion so as not to aggravate my stomach. 😉