Recipes to Remember: Berry Cobbler


I have been looking for a good, easy cobbler recipe. Especially with a Costco membership, it’s very easy for me to access large amounts of berries for a good price. I had made one a few weeks ago that was okay, but it was more doughy and became soggy in the morning. So off I went to hunt up another when I found this rustic cobbler.

The only thing I did differently was mix up some aging blackberries and raspberries with sugar instead of using frozen. Still, I was pretty dang skeptical of this recipe pretty much since I started. The “dough” didn’t seem crumbly enough — it seemed more like straight flour despite mixing the heck out of it. While it was baking it kinda goo-ed out into something pretty unappealing but I read in the comments to just keep going even you had to go over the forty minute bake time.

Boy am I glad I did! It was soooo good fresh out of the oven and the smell — unbelievable! Partially I owe this to the amazing berries I know but the crust had a sugary crunch to it that was AMAZING and wasn’t at all thick and doughy like the other one I had made. It even held up to the all important breakfast test that all fruit pies and cobbler must pass — can it still be delicious for breakfast without having be heated up. And this one passed with flying colors! Although the dough did soften up over night it wasn’t gooey and the flavors were definitely still there.

I will definitely be making this one again! Especially because it’s all ingredients I always have on hand. 😉



Recipes to Remember: Banana Bread


I’ll admit — I kind of think of banana bread as a southern thing. I know people make it in the north too, but as I’m allergic to tree nuts I pretty much write it off as something I shouldn’t eat, since walnuts often make an appearance. But Korey loves it — sans walnuts — so I learned to make it the way his grandma does.

The recipe is fairly easy and straightforward. It calls for:

– two cups self-rising flour
– one cup sugar
– two eggs
– one stick melted butter
– three ripe bananas (I’ve added more before)
– one teaspoon of vanilla
– a pinch of salt

Mash that all together and bake for about forty minutes at 375°. I always cover mine with tin foil but I don’t think that’s truly necessary.


Although I have never actually tasted my own banana bread (the horror, I know, what a bad cook!) the kids seem to love it just as much as Korey. Izzy told me last night to make sure daddy didn’t eat it all. I replied that I had made two so there was no way he could eat it all. She replied “next time make three — one for the babies, one for daddy, and one for me!” Ha! The prospect of having to share at all is apparently too much for her. 😉


But I guess she knows what she’s talking about because between desert yesterday and whatever Korey ate for breakfast and took to work with him, there was only one left this morning! I don’t think I’ll be making three though. Some people just need to learn to portion better. 😛

Recipes to Remember: Potato Kielbasa Skillet


In honor of that study saying that processed meats caused cancer, I decided to try out this Taste of Home recipe that includes both kielbasa and bacon.

Just kidding. I just love kielbasa. And I love bacon. And those are literally the only two processed meats we ever eat and we eat them maybe once every other week so I’m not gonna stress.

I mean really – who doesn’t want a pan full of frying kielbasa and potatoes…?


But anyway, I have made recipes with kielbasa and cabbage before and while I enjoy them personally Korey isn’t huge on cabbage so I thought I’d give this one with spinach a try.

It. Was. Awesome.

I substituted marjoram for thyme because I loathe thyme but otherwise I followed it to the letter (well, I also doubled it) and I don’t think there’s a single thing I would change. And even though I thought I would miss garlic and very nearly added some anyway, the mustard/cider/brown sugar sauce is divine.

I will most definitely be making this again!

Recipes to Remember: Slow Cooker Pork Roast


A friend introduced me to this AllRecipes recipe a few months back. It’s not very often that a recipe I find online makes it into a regular rotation with me but I’ve made this a couple times since then. Tonight was one of those times!

I’m actually not a huge fan of slow cooker meals. Trust me – I want to be! But I feel like a lot of meals just don’t turn out right in them – especially chicken. I cannot for the life of me make a decent tasting chicken dish in one. I have even converted chicken slow cooker recipes to stove top because of this.

However – pork and soup almost never let me down. This is one of them! Also, I learned through this recipe that you can make a quicky gravy by taking the meat out of the slow cooker and whisking some corn starch into the remaining juices then letting it sit and cook for another ten or so minutes to let it thicken up.

Recipes to Remember: Chocolate Chip Cookies


I found this Food Network recipe and selected it purely because I wanted chocolate chip cookies but I had a very limited amount of butter and this one required much less than most. 😉

Another plus? This one doesn’t require beaters so it’s quiet to make after the kids are in bed – ha!

But I’m really impressed with how they came out! I’ve made this recipe twice now and they’re great because they rise well and best of all? They taste exactly like the kind of cookie dough you find in ice cream. Which of course leads to…


And seriously. Who doesn’t want cookies and vanilla ice cream?