Izzy Finishes Swim Lessons


Well she did it! Yesterday was Izzy’s last day of the most basic swim classes at the Y. I had some serious reservations about putting Izzy in swim classes — namely due to her fear of getting her face wet — but she really rocked it out and I couldn’t be more proud.

Even though there were a few traumatic water-up-the-nose incidents she really got better at learning how to avoid that. And she often volunteered to do what was asked and worked really well with the instructors. Parents weren’t allowed in the pool area so I could only watch through the window but honestly that’s given me a lot more confidence about her going to pre-k in the fall. I know she listens to the instructors when I’m not around, is respectful, and can communicate with them too.


Overall they recommended she repeat the beginner course again because she still has some anxiety about the water (namely getting her face wet still which, as I suffer from the same fear, she will have to learn to deal with all her life 😉) and I think that was probably the right call. She told me today that she wants to do swim classes again and that makes me super pleased because there were a few times she said she didn’t want to go to swim ever again “not ever!!” 😂 I definitely think this is one thing where repeat exposure over time will buoy her confidence so we’re going to see about signing her up for another round.

So — yay Izzy! It’s so cool to watch your kids grow and get excited about new things. Absolutely my favorite part of being a parent.