Our Weekend


This weekend was actually pretty lax for us. It started with a Halloween party at the YMCA. The My Little Pony costumes I’m working on weren’t really finished so I just stressed Izzy up in her play costume, which she still loved. The babies really enjoyed wandering around and dancing to the Halloween music as Izzy played little carnival games. Then we went to our favorite restaurant, The Marietta Diner.


And we promptly remembered why we stopped when Orin dumped his water on himself in refusal to believe that a cup with a straw does not need to be lifted up over his head and Zelda tried to climb into the table a thousand times. 😉


Saturday was soccer for Izzy and then my birthday! Korey had to go to a conference and so my mum came with me to soccer and then we went back to her place for a bit for lunch, cake, and piano.


Well. And also a nap. For Zelda, Orin, and all Izzy’s babies… =P

Izzy was upset that I took this picture because she feared I'd wake her babies up.

Then daddy came home and we ate pizza and chilled. Just how I like my birthdays. =)


Sunday was the most lax day and I got up to clean carpets in the office so I could set up bookshelves up there to move everything in the current “library” up there. I’m trying to turn what was once destined to be a library into a play room for the kids so we can reclaim our living room as an adult space. Our living room is huge and a real pain to clean because pretty much every toy the kids own can fit under the sectional and the media cases in there. -_-

Which I’m well acquainted with since I cleaned the living room today too!

I’ve been moving the babies to one nap a day so they’ve been sleeping a long time, which is great. And they’ve been sleeping better at night, too. Orin has been doing especially great after his tubes and I’m really glad that we got the procedure done. He is so much more energetic and happy now – I’m so thrilled he is finally feeling better.


Which, I just HAVE to share these two cuties! During bath time tonight Orin started crying and Zelda came over to give him a hug then leaned forward and “talked” to him in the most soothing baby babble I have ever heard. It was enough to make this momma’s heart melt.

Now, if only I had actually made out my meal plan for the week, I could call this weekend a total success! 😉


About Zelda


Zelda Fae – Fae for how small she was compared to her brother on every ultrasound – is the most daring, adventurous little baddie you could pack into a girl her size.


Her water broke early and she was born via c-section less than a minute after Orin on May 2nd 2015 – six weeks early and weighing only 3 lbs 11oz.


Unfortunately the reason she was so small on all the ultrasound was because she had a heart defect where the aorta is too narrow and she wasn’t able to pump out enough blood to keep her body functioning. We found this out four weeks into her NICU stay and immediately she was transferred to Children’s here in Atlanta for non-emergency heart surgery.


After the surgery she immediately picked up and began blooming into the feisty like spunk we know her as now! =) I never imagined that tiny little baby who only had the energy to sleep would become the most loud, daring, dangerous kid in the family and on the playground. Other parents watch her scale walls in a two leaps with the same mix of fascination and horror that I do. All I can do is shrug and spot her. 😉


Definitely this one is not going to make my life easy!!